Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Punch Drunk Love

Once, she walked into his life
Literally, he was standing in her way
She looked at his face
There was nothing else to say

Finally, they walked along the same path
He kindly gave her his hand and his kiss
That was everything she longed to have
And it was everything that she missed

Now she doesn’t know what to say
She doesn’t know what to think
She doesn’t even know what to do
She thinks she is getting sick

That big oak tree is standing still
But this little girl has been wondering
How long it is going to take
To at least understand his meaning

Counting a single breath of her
No doubt, it is not easy
She tries and tries and tries
Unfortunately, she never gets lucky

She says, no one dies because of heat
But some die because of coldness
She also says, no one dies because of love
But some die because of loneliness

However, the girl doesn’t want to give up
Her hope has been floating somewhere
In the middle of those white lights
Sadly, no one seems to care


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