Monday, January 07, 2008

it's half yours

been drinkin' dry wines
traveling along river lines

and thinkin' about you
you in my head, I kept review

seven days have pass
lonely among the mass

time is relative, i have no clue
relativity of time is strange, and I thought I knew

you told me you missed me more than you expected
I told you I missed you and we are not disconnected

i wonder how that would have happened
I know well, box of passion has been opened

you barely know who i am
you know girl, this ain’t an exam

not so much time we together spent
but everywhere I go, you are omnipresent

mate, everything happens for a reason
right, just like in easter we eat cross bun

you never know
but I think it shows

hope this will be the last time
And I am running out of rhyme

i wanted to be you.........
that’s an honour, merci beaucoup


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