Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Pasu’s done several surprising things. For example, he would like to play with water, especially, watering plants with the host. He would put his little index finger at the end of the host to make water splash and pretend that he waters his plants. He would walk to the door and try to put the key into the hole to unlock the key. He even selects the key to see if it fits the hole. If it’s not, he chose the next key in the keychain until it’s the right one. Surprising, wasn’t it?

One night I was working on something so late. Regularly, I checked to see if he slept alright so that he wouldn’t fall down the bed. I was typing and turning my back against the bed. I did not hear him rolling. All of the sudden while my concentration was at the screen, I heard, “mom, mom.” I was turning my back to see that my son was on top of the pillow and looking at me. He made me feel that I was working too hard. Bedtime should be his time, actually. I felt sorry. I went straight to bed to cuddle him.

I promise I won’t work late again. : )


At 6:56 AM, June 23, 2011, Blogger cool writer said...

i had heard this story before once time while u told to ur colleague, whose have chit-chat n enjoying their dish during the lunch time. ;)


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