Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Know What You Said

I never know what a 13-month-old baby is capable of until I learn that from my own son. A couple of day ago we fell down on the bathroom floor because I was careless and everything happened so fast, just the blink of your eyes.

The following day, my mother, along with the nanny, were giving him his breakfast as usual. They were talking about things in general and also feeding him. My mother was asking him unintentionally if he was hurt himself at his head yesterday. On one expected to receive his answer especially a word. What he did was he pointed to his head right after my mother finished her question. My mother and nanny were laughing out loud.

One night, I told him to open the door to let the dog come inside the house. I told him twice or perhaps three times. He looked at me, looked at the door, and then looked at me again. His brain must have processed something we never knew. He climbed down the sofa and walked to the door. Of course, he opened to the door as told to do so. However, I didn’t tell him to close the door so he stayed put as he wanted to play outside.

I said, “It’s already dark, my son. Please come inside. You already did a good job and I am thank you for that” and then gave him a big kiss.


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