Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Goodbye My Lover

My lover is equal the Yankees. My ex-boyfriend introduced them to me in 2005 and they have been my concern since then. I know of half of the team members some of whom I could tell from the number on their backs. I always dedicate my love to them. My participation would be, for example, I went to their game couple of times annually. If I didn’t find a chance to go, I would watch the game at home. If I couldn’t watch the game at home, I would go online and check the score. If I was outside and was not in front of the computer, I would call and pester my friend for the score. Would you call me a Yankees fan?

This season had been tough for them. At one point they were behind the Boston Red Sox for 14 games. They fought back and were down to 1.5 games and then were number one in wild card. Unfortunately, they lost the American League division series to the Cleveland Indians in Game 4. It seemed to me that their offensive game was a little bit stiff. Last night Cleveland Indians’s starter was fantastic. So were Yankees fans. Everybody was standing up and screaming crazily when the player got a hit. I, on the other hand, was sitting on my couch and ducking my head behind my pillow. However, I was screaming and cheering my ass off! Apparently, solo home runs weren’t enough to win this game because the Yankees already gave too much runs.

Sometimes hard working was not really paid off. I guess you have to learn to accept your flaw(s) and failure(s). I, personally, don’t think that Joe Torre should be blamed for this loss. But who knows. We’ll see what happens to them next year.

Let’s go Yankees!