Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday

Thirty one years have passed. It’s faster than ones blink their eyes. It’s been a solitary year for me. I wouldn’t come this far if it wasn’t for my family and friends’ support.
Thanks for those soft shoulders to cry on.
Thanks for warm hugs that keep my cold night away.
Thanks for the shade when it’s hot.
Thanks for sweet talks when I feel down.
Thanks for a punch when I am lost.
Thanks for the hands when I need the help.
Thanks for every single thing you have done for me.

Mom and Dad, I love you the most.

Monday, January 07, 2008

it's half yours

been drinkin' dry wines
traveling along river lines

and thinkin' about you
you in my head, I kept review

seven days have pass
lonely among the mass

time is relative, i have no clue
relativity of time is strange, and I thought I knew

you told me you missed me more than you expected
I told you I missed you and we are not disconnected

i wonder how that would have happened
I know well, box of passion has been opened

you barely know who i am
you know girl, this ain’t an exam

not so much time we together spent
but everywhere I go, you are omnipresent

mate, everything happens for a reason
right, just like in easter we eat cross bun

you never know
but I think it shows

hope this will be the last time
And I am running out of rhyme

i wanted to be you.........
that’s an honour, merci beaucoup