Sunday, May 27, 2007

An Evening with Damien Rice

I hate to say this. Damien Rice is my new beau now. I totally blame this on Coldplay! Since they haven't released new album in 2 years. I can't help but have to find a new shelter.

First row of mezzanine level, I sat there with a little bit of buzz on. People still were hanging out at the hallway, some buying drinks, some taking photos. This is my first time at Radio City Music Hall. Undoubtedly, the interior is magnificent, like classic opera house with decorated ceiling and circle stairs lead you to the mezzanine level.

Who would have thought that Damien would not have an opening band? At 8:40, the lead singer wearing dark brown blazer and washed jeans started with “9Crimes”, beautifully played his piano which placed in the middle of the stage, surrounded by candle lights. Don't ask me what songs he played. I never remember the names or the sequence of the songs; definitely Delicate and Accidental Child--no wonder how I remember these two songs; they are my favorites.

One thing you can't find from listening to the songs from your CD player--unless your have powerful speakers--is the upbeat sounds that Damien added to his songs. We all are familiar with his acoustic guitar and heartbreaking voice. Of course, in his performance, light and sounds would be added to make live show more amusing and audience would be more involved. He turned his depressing songs into sort-of-a-rock songs. I really enjoyed that kind of transformation. And you can always go back to his CD if you want to hear his original somber songs.

We all thought that he would end his show with "I remember" because the way he sang it was so dreary like his heart would really be broken. He was standing with his acoustic guitar by himself and then the light went dark. Surprisingly, the show was not over yet! He sang "Cannon Ball" without the microphone or any other musical instruments. I have to admit I've never heard such a powerful voice like his before--so deep and, ahem, dominant. Right after he finished the song, everybody was standing up and uproariously clapping their hands admiring his great performance.

Traditionally, audience encored. Yes, they did for a while. I was standing up screaming like crazy. Finally, he entered the stage. He told us briefly about his next song--"Unplayed Piano"--which he wrote for Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Burma. Her short movie clip was shown as a backdrop while Damien sang the song. Helplessly, I cried thinking that this girl is amazing. She sacrifices her own life in order to helping her people.

"Blower's Daughter" was sang next. I, personally, don't like this song as much as Delicate. I guess everyone knows him because of this song from movie The Closer. Again, we all stood up after he finished this song. The light went dark. We were all clapping. However, he still told a story about how a guy met a girl in a rainy night. They went to the bar, having couple drinks and then the girl had to rush home because her boyfriend was waiting for him. That led to his last song which was “Cheer Darlin.” He was drinking red wine; yes I am talking about real wine, while he sang the song. The combination of his acting and his incredible voice just made “Cheer Darlin’ sound more dejected. He was running up to the balcony singing it distressingly.

WOW! What a breathtaking performance. My evening would never be better that this!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Locks of Love

It's been a year and a half since I had my last hair cut which was in October 2005 when I was in Thailand! WOW! That long! Well, I have limited choice. One is, as you all know, the cost of haircut here is ridiculously expensive. Perhaps, I am being too pessimistic because there are several salons that offers reasonable rate and service.

Got off work early today, it was damn hot in New York. The weather was around 90 degree today. My hair, and myself, looked horrible as usual. I walked directly to the salon closes to my building. I found out that the haircut price was not too bad. And that was it! The new Ploy!

Another reason I have waited for a year and a half is that I would like to donate my hair to Locks of Love which is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. The hairpiece has to be at least 10 inch long.

My former colleagues compliment me on my new look. One says I look sophisticated. One says I look sleek. My roommate has a very interesting comment; she says I look like my mom! Well, I wish I was smart like her too. Personally, I think I look more like a boy! It doesn't matter anyway. Ploy always be Ploy.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Great Graduate!

I’d like to dedicate this time to thank everyone who is behind my success.

First of all, I’d like to thank my friends and family in Thailand. I might have been neglected them since it’s such a long distance. However, they all have been in my heart.

I also would like to thank my New York friends; Ann, Tai, Tong, Boom, Aue, M, P'Coco, TK, Pa'Ben, P'Jimmy -- to name a few -- for their support, relaxing trips and all-night-long parties.

My former co-workers at Fairchild Internet and Conde Nast: Steve, Kathy, Suzanne, Brian, Rachel and Matthew. They were all asked by my school-related questions.

Friends at Facts on File: Kerry, Erik, Jamaal and other people, especially Alice who proofread my thesis. Thanks Lina and James for letting me rehearse my thesis presentation. That was a very big help with all the questions and comments. I really appreciate it.

Matt, thank you very much for everything; proofreading all my papers and helping me with the presentation. I couldn’t thank you more. You were with me all these two years. I still remember when I first called you and told you that I was accepted into the program. Even when I really had a tough time writing my paper; you were there. Thank you so much.

Of course, my mom and my dad. They have been on my side emotionally and financially for 30 years. I wouldn’t have gone this far without their love and support. Profoundly, I’ve grown up to be, at least I would think, a decent woman. I love both of them. They are my heroes.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bodies the Exhibition

I know I haven’t blogged for quite some time. I just posted short poem so that I do feel like I blog about something. But this was really nothing at all. Shame on me! I hate to say this, however, I’ve been busy working my ass off for 31 days straight. Therefore, I thought I would claim my right to take a rest from the screen for couple of days.

Actually, the main reason is I can’t find an interesting thing to blog. All of the sudden, my life has been boring and dull; until my mom is here. I welcomed her by taking her to see Bodies the Exhibition at South Street Seaport.

Here is the brief explanation of the process I found from the website:
  • This exhibition uses real human bodies that have been preserved so they do not decay.

  • A human specimen is first preserved according to standard mortuary science.

  • The specimen is then dissected to show whatever it is that someone wants to display. When they say this meaning they cut the specimen vertically and/or horizontally. I found one body was dissected vertically into 4 pieces.

  • Once dissected, the specimen is immersed in acetone, which eliminates all body water.

  • The specimen is then placed in a large bath of silicone, or polymer, and sealed in a vacuum chamber.

  • Under vacuum, acetone leaves the body in the form of gas and the polymer replaces it, entering each cell and body tissue.

  • A catalyst is then applied to the specimen, hardening it and completing the process.

  • Oh wow! At the beginning I think it’s kind of scary and spooky to see human bodies like this. But after seeing couple of them, I was truly amazed by how body parts, nerves, muscles, veins and arteries work together. So much of guy bodies were shown here; the highlight of what I saw was several veins of guy’s male organ. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it? There were only two female bodies; one is to show the overweight specimen and another one is the sample of the difference between male and female body. Fetus is very fascinating as well.

    After watching that black, ugly lung dissected from someone who’s been smoking, I decided not to touch the cigarettes again.

    If you have time, please learn more about Bodies the Exhibition.

    And this is the article from Seattle Post Intelligencer.

    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    Happy Early Mother's Day !

    Daughter says, “I don’t wanna be pretty.
    Mommy, I wanna be smart.
    Actually, you are my hero.
    I love you with all my heart.”

    Mother smiles, kisses the girl on her cheek.
    “You don’t have to be like me, baby.
    You could be anything you want.
    You already are smart and pretty.”

    “The world is cruel,” continues mother
    “Evil and demon await you, my dear.
    Please be prepare and be strong.
    Only you could overcome your own fear.”

    “I gave you my good heart.
    You just follow it.
    Don’t listen to anybody.
    No one can destroy it.”

    “Remember this, honey.
    Love is all around you.
    Carefully choose your own choice.
    And finally your love will come true.”