Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joke of the day!

Alice: When is your Graduation Ceremony?
Ploy: In May.
Alice: Is your Mom coming?
Ploy: Of course, she is.
Alice: What about your Dad? Is he coming too?
Ploy: Nah, he is not. I've been convincing him to come to the States but he's afraid of flying and, hmm, Americans!
Alice: I am afraid of Americans too
Ploy: !!!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

new news!

I've decided to post interesting news every Monday. Starting this week, the article is from NY Times posted on Monday November 27, 2006

Headline: Seeking Executive to Tame the Digital Future

The article reported that there’s been a stampede of change involving the top Internet executives at big media company. For example, AOL, Time Warner, Rupert Murdock of News Corporation and CBS. I guess the changing is somewhat related to the ever-growing of the Internet. Looking at job description, I was wondering who have the ability to take all the stuff one company produce for other formats, like TV, print, or film, and figure out how to shovel it onto the Internet in a way that makes money. Chief Digital Office (CDO), if there is one, really needs to have an enormous vision in a way that no one has before. Putting content up into the website is super easy; I can do it. But making money (revenues--I am sick of this word) out of them is a different story and yet more difficult. Multiplatform is a big concern in most, I’d say all, companies now. Of course, users expect to get more when they consume the product; Oh hey look! I subscribe to the magazine and I get free access to the site (in order to get more content than other people), be able to download some content to my iPod and listen to it while I am in the bathroom. More content, more power ;-)

Digital media just make your life easy, really?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Enduring Love

Second movie this weekend! The advantage of watching a movie in free channel is that you get a chance to watch an old movie or movies you've never heard about them before. Because you don't have to spend your money, you are not expecting that the movies have to be good. You can turn it off anytime you'd like.

Being captured in the lovely romance moment, this Enduring Love was picked right after De-Lovely. The plot is about a young professor witnesses a tragedy of a guy who dies from helping a kid escaping from the falling hot air balloon. Living in the world of guilt, the professor keeps blaming himself of not be able to save this poor guy's life. And here's come the stalker who even makes his life more miserable. Watch it for yourself. Surprisingly, I didn't turn the TV off.

Witnessing the tragedy is terrible. However, you need to let it go after you witnessed it. The innocent people who are not involved in the tragedy might get hurt if you are not learning to move on with your life. They love you and care about you. So don't be selfish and learn to let go.


My life after the business plan is wonderful; went out with FOF girls, went to Uncle Sanit's B-day party, Brian's going away party at Snafu, pre-Thanksgiving party at Jersey house and Thanksgiving party at Barbuto. Thanksgiving party might be a littble crazy, however, it was great to be invited in this American cultural thing.

Last night I was watching the movie called De-Lovely. It's about the life of American composer Cole Porter. I don't understand how and why a straight girl can fall in love with a gay guy and being very supportive to him after breaking her heart. All the songs are well-written and sung by lots of musical performers; Diana Krall, Robbie Williams, Elvis Costello, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow... didn't know this untill looking at the credit at the end of movie. Natalie Cole sang "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"

Everytime we say goodbye I die a little
Everytim we say goodbye I wonder why a little
Why the gods above me who must be in the know
Think so little of me, they allow you to go

And when you're near there's such an air of spring about it
I can hear a lark somewhere begin to sing about it
There's no love song finer but how strange the change from major to minor
Everytime we say goodbye

It's De-Lovely isn't it?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ploy Srisuro. Tonight I'd like to present a project that I hope would make my mother proud...."

I just finished presenting my thesis last Tuesday. After had been in hell for couple weeks, now I am back and can feel life again. I am not sure what I’ve learned from writing my paper. However it might be a good idea if I listed some of my questions asked by panel. For example, how big is the market that I wanted to share, how does my organizational structure work, how did I come up with $1M, how’d I know if the users submit a ‘fake’ recipe, importantly, how’d I advertise my site and get traffic. They were all practical questions. I don’t know what the right answers are; however, I did answer them all.

Surely, writing a business plan is more like a pain. You have to think of everything associated with your idea; your staff, your office, rent, equipment, depreciation expenses, revenues, expenses, oh not to mention calculating the financial statements. No wonder why I felt like I was in hell. As your business grows (supposedly), you still have to think of what need to be added, deducted and maintain. I don’t think that I’ll be an entrepreneur in this life. However, Linda, one of my classmates, came to me and said 'Ploy, your mom'd be proud of you!'