Friday, June 29, 2007

Green Ideas

Becoming a nine-to-five working machine again, I was browsing through channels to see what was on last night. After been watching the reruns of Law & Order, Friends, Will & Grace, it’s time for something new! I stopped at Sundance channel at midnight.

Big Ideas for a Small Planet was the title of the show. It’s a documentary series presenting the products of a new green world. Last night episode was about Sports. I discovered these high-performance bikes made from bamboo. Yes! Bamboo. I wanted to get one but the price is expensive though. It’s around $2,300. I also found the skateboards made from new materials which if I remember correctly was the combination of soy products and something I couldn’t remember. The last idea was about this lady skier who was selected to be the host of Clif Bar Save Our Snow Winter road trip. She’s been educating young skiers and snowboarders how to help and save the environment by using green products, consuming organic food and generating recycling habits.

This interesting program got me thinking; perhaps I’d like to have a green house which is built by all green material, solar power, home-made fertilizer, organic furniture and even people who stay in my house have to eat organic food. Brilliant ideas, isn’t it?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My second outdoor concert in my life—KEANE—happened in Central Park. First was my love, Coldplay, at Jones Beach. If I remember correctly, it was four years ago and also my first concert ever!

Rushing there around 5 o’clock, I thought the line to get in would be long. But it wasn’t that bad considering that the tickets were sold out. All my friends were already there. We got into the Rumsey Playfield around 6 pm and waited for an hour until the opening band performed. Screaming loudly as they played, couples of my friends were sleeping while Rocco DeLuca performed. It’s a shame but we enthusiastically want to see Keane. No one else matters. Some audiences still sat on the ground and totally ignored them. Some were talking to each other; some were drinking beers and wine and paying no attention to the opening band. I felt bad for them but all we wanted to see was Keane!!!

It was 8 o’clock when Tim Rice-Oxley (piano), Richard Hughes (drums) and Tom Chaplin (vocals) entered the stage. I’ve been listening to their albums but I have no idea that there is no guitar played in the band, only the piano and the drums. Exceptionally, their melody and rhythms are just perfect—not to mention their live performance. According to one of my friends who was helping me compile all these songs, the reason she was be able to remember the names was that Tom—the lead singer—was briefly talking about how he came up with each song. I think that was a brilliant idea because not only we will remember the name of the song but also we will clearly understand the meaning of the lyric. As you know, how vague artist write their songs and we, as the listeners, have to interpret them based on our own experience. Well, I think that is how good songs are composed.
Here is the list of the songs they played that night—not in sequence though.

Bend and Break
Everybody’s Changing
This Is The Last Time
Nothing in My Way
Humburg Song—Tom asked us to light up the light.
He told us that this song—Try Again—was written when they all encountered the difficulty.
Is It Any Wonder
Leaving So Soon?
Somewhere Only We Know
We Might As Well
A Bad Dream
Crystal Ball

Someone told me that if I were lucky enough I would have gone to this concert and had a great time. Oh well, all I know was that I really had a great time watching their live performance and that I was so sorry for those who couldn’t make it out there!

I found this photo gallery on flickr webpage.