Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tru—the true giver

Have you ever learned from other people’s lives? I bet you have. Have you ever learned from other living animals? Oh well, I have. Tru is the dog who teaches me how to give love unconditionally. She walks quietly and beautifully like a gorgeous grownup. Her gestures are stunning. She kisses you gently. She tells the owner nicely when she’s hungry. She wonders when she sees the owner carrying a big bag like he is going away for a long time. I remember patting her while we were watching sunset at the beach. I learn how to love and be loved from her.

The amazing thing she has done is that she milks the puppies who are her grandbabies because the mother of these puppies has not fully done her own job. Tru tirelessly milks every puppy that comes to her. On the other hand, the mother selects the puppies she’d like to milk and sometimes walks away from her own flesh and blood. I respect Tru’s mind and how she uses it to tell her body to create milk for the puppies.

I never thought that when I said goodbye to her, it would be our last hug. May you rest in peace, Tru.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cerro Negro