Monday, April 30, 2007

Lunch Poem

you call to say hello
you call to say hi
do you have any idea
how many days have gone by

you just lit my fire
yeah, you lit it once again
yesterday I forgot about you
but today you are my pain

I hate myself
I hate you
you never understand
because you are you

we are back in the game
you give me the second chance
I close my eyes and say
forget about it! you'll never see me dance!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Believe it or not, this is the email I wrote to my mom:

The VDO is small and not clear; however, it's fun.
P'Bom looks chubby, on the other hand, Lung Somchok looks skinny.
Nong Bim has long hair.
Por is still fat and dresses funny.

Oh boy! I miss my family!

Sounds like another poem, doesn't it?

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Poem Again?

Oh well. I wrote this poem when I was chatting with my good old friend. I must be in a mood of being a poet; not in a mood for love.

miss p with her long hair
old, tired and despair
miss p is no longer fun
all she wants to do is run!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye Poem!

I am not good of saying it
But this is how I say it

First thank goes to big boss TJ
Along with new daddy Tony
Plus wonderful Wendy and Julie
For giving me this great opportunities

Second thank goes to my favorite prod rep
Alice, Sean, John, Lisa and Bobby
For teaching me so many things
Everyday keeping me super busy

Couple thanks also go around the room
Design team—Takeshi, Erika, Annie
Sal with his jokes and nice smiles
Joo Young and James are truly friendly

Lina, Erik, thanks for warm shoulders
Alana, Jamaal, your moves are amazing
Fresh, cool tunes come from Dave and Ben
Gym buddy, Kerry, is so stimulating

Trust me, it’s been a blast working here
I really appreciate your company
I certainly miss all of you
Wish me finding a great journey

Monday, April 09, 2007

Gym Scam!

Question: have you ever seen some girls carrying their gym bags around while they are working out?

Here is the reason why:
I've been going to the gym for couple months now. Sometimes after work, sometimes on Weekends--depends on my schedule. This past Saturday I only had half an hour of working out--after spending all morning and early afternoon having fun. I got there, changed and put my gym bag in the locker and left. After running for about 20 minutes, I went back to women’s locker room and found out that I forgot to lock my locker. Opening the door, I was about to pass out. Unsurprisingly, my gym bag was gone. There were only my pants and shirt hanging in there. My head was hot. My heart was exploded. My ears were burned and couldn’t hear any sounds. I feel like I was strongly hit by my own stupidity. What are inside that gym bag were my iPod, my cell phone, my wallet, my house’s keys and my life!

I talked to the manager and couple people who worked there. With some helps from lovely friends, I managed to calm down and arranged to deal with this disaster. I went back to the locker room and was looking around. All of the sudden, my eyes caught at this familiar lock. I looked at the back of the lock and said oh shit this IS my lock. Undoubtedly, I put my combination, opened the door and there you go! My gym bag! I was looking thorough my own stuff and realized that all the inner bags and pockets were opened and only my wallet was gone. Fortunately, I’ve never been carrying lot of money since I have no money :) However, I still have to cancel my credit and debit cards.

Unbelievably, this tragedy happened with other two girls at the same period of time. However, these two girls had their lock on. This SOB must have unlocked it and taken everything from the lockers. Poor them. It doesn't matter if you have your lock on. Your stuff would be stolen anyway.

What would the gym do to prevent this catastrophe? Having eye-scanned locker?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

AIR: Pocket Symphony

I walked into Virgin Mega Store and accidentally saw my favorite band’s—AIR—new album, Pocket Symphony. Oh wow it was on sale. I smiled to myself, grabbed the CD, literally ran to the cashier and bought it. I rushed home to listen to it. And since then this CD has been playing in my Bose box!

These Parisian duo introduce me to instrumental music—song that doesn’t have to have lyrics or stories to tell. I was sick of pop music back then and was looking for something new. I first listened to 10,000 Hz Legend and murmured what the heck is this music. I’ve never heard of electronic sound like this before—smoky and cloudy. It’s very beautifully written and composed. After that I turn my back to cheesy pop music!

This new album has more instrumentals and less song some of which sound like Alone In Kyoto (from album Talkie Walkie)—improvised with some kind of an Asian instrument, I am not sure. According to their website, I am right. They spent a year learning far eastern (kinda wish that they chose some Thai instruments) classical instruments—the Koto and Shamisen—which were wonderfully blended into their western tunes. However, if I close my eyes and listen to “Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping”, I think that it might be the song from Zero 7. Perhaps it’s because of the lead vocal. If you’d like to hear anything like 10,000 Hz Legend, you might be very disappointed. On the other hand, if you are a big fan, GO GET THIS ALBUM!

Next time will be the story of their live performance! Yes, I’ll go to their concert, again. This time might be a ripped-off ticket, but wtf! I love their muusik (French accent)